The Gift Of Truth

“There is nothing more valuable in a world of lies than the gift of Truth.” – RhoSe

We have each been gifted with the Truth.  Perhaps you haven’t seen it yet, but it’s in the consciousness now, it’s all over the internet now and it’s even on the streets on billboards.

The Truth has been uncovered, revealed, written, broadcast, and shared in countless ways over the last few years.  Many have dedicated their lives to ensuring the Truth is accessible to everyone in as many formats and languages as possible – and this work, this vocation, continues, and will not stop, because everyone has the right to know what is going on in this world. Everyone needs the gift of Truth in a world of lies.

#truthbillboards have begun appearing in the corporate legal fiction known as ‘UK’.

They display a simple piece of information, a message for all of Humanity:





A comprehensive explanation of this profound, reality-altering Truth, can be found in countless locations across the internet, all of which, in some manner, stem from the research, experience, writings/essays and radio broadcasts of one who uses the calling Kate of Gaia.


Truth Billboard Images are intended to be freely available for all – yet it comes as no surprise that there are those who lust only for personal profit and have taken a photograph of a Truth Billboard and placed their copyright upon it and have it listed for sale.  Selling anything which was intended to be FREE for everyone, Truth and its images, is the act of one who has totally missed the point of the reason for these Truth Billboards, having failed to fully research this message, they have defaulted to ‘normal’ legal matrix greed = I am going profit from this!


The Birth Certificate Registration process creates a copyrighted legal document which is used to ‘breed’ other legal documents.   However, without express written permission to use legal documents, from the owner of the copyrighted information, we may not do so.  In short, we have no permission, unless we do, to use the Birth Certificate.

Do you have express, written permission from the copyright owner of the Birth Certificate indicating that you have the right of use of their copyrighted material?

Typically, only those who have crossed the bar, legal-club members, have the right to use all legal documents.

This is a deliberate ruse, a situation which was set-up not only to control us and scam us for profit but to create a situation where we are each made default fraudulent criminals simply because we do what we were taught/shown/advised/conditioned to do: we use the legal name as if we had a right to do so, as if it were ours, as if it were who we are.

When you decided to go abroad on your first holiday, you were told you’d need a Passport. When you inquired as to obtaining your first Passport, you were very likely told/read information indicating you’d need to provide YOUR BIRTH CERTIFICATE as EVIDENCE OF IDENTITY.

Interesting, therefore, that many birth certificates have cautions written upon them, cautions about copying, fraudulent use, etc.   The one I used to think was mine says:  NOT TO BE USED AS EVIDENCE OF IDENTITY.  And I’ve seen others which say the same.

So it seems we were caught in the legal catch-22, and effectively enslaved within the legal fiction criminal realm of paper and ink, through our own ignorant consent to do was we are told and through a need to survive within a world where it’s simply impossible to avoid the legal matrix completely.

The Truth Will Set You Free.

You see, there is Creation/God/Truth/Natural law and there is man-made ‘legal’ ideas which are called ‘law’ to confuse us.

Creation/God/Truth/Natural law suggests it’s not acceptable to harm others, to steal, kill, and so on.  Along the lines of Do Unto Others That Which You Would Have Others Do Unto You.  Well, it’s simple enough. Don’t steal and you won’t experience what it’s like to have something stolen from you.

What about Thou Shalt Not Kill?   Well, Legality says you may kill but only if you wear one of the many corporate military/police uniforms when you do it.  You may, as state-licensed/registered executioner, carry-out death sentence murders.  You may even kill all the innocent beating hearts of the animals which enter the slaughter-houses of the ‘food’ industry too, so long as the death-house-operation in question follows the legal rules of corporate/business/health & safety, etc.

Legality is a criminal enterprise, a man-made abomination, yet it’s what we knew to be ‘normal’.   Actually, it is nothing more than a state-endorsed and enforced religion.  It’s a religious ideology, a belief system based in nothing but the will to criminalise the innocent for profit & control and to lie, cheat, harm, steal and kill with impunity, it’s a legal fiction cult as is clearly indicated by one of its own ‘Maxims Of Law’:

‘Legality Is Not Reality’.


Truth Billboards are there to help share what has been discovered and revealed.  All the information you need is on these Truth Billboards.  What you do with this Truth it is up to you.


Fraud Vitiates All It Touches.

A Fraud Revealed Is Null & Void, Nunc Pro Tunc.

The legal name fraud has long been revealed and has comprehensively exposed legality for the evil, rooted-in-fraud, religio-control system that it is.

So remember this simple Truth:




Share Truth #truthbillboard images – freely – with your family, friends and within your communities.

Get into the #ilovetruth way of life by sharing and telling Truth at every opportunity.

Don’t try to profit by selling what is supposed to be free!  That is just plain wrong (though Legal says it’s ok if you follow the legal guidelines which allow it).

 If you happen to see a billboard on the street, do try to take a picture and/or video of it, and share that, freely, too.

The Birth Certificate Fraud Clausula Rebus Sic Stantibus  aka  #BCCRSS was written for  everyone, so please read and share it.

Crimes have been committed upon Humanity as a whole and upon each and every one of us for too long.  We have been ignorant of our own crimes, mostly committed because of the legal deception in place before we were even born – which we were inserted into like a sheet of paper into an envelope with a legal NAME written upon it.

 Legality has been exposed as fraudulent some years ago, and the #legalnamefraud has been continuously written-about, aired and shared with nothing but the purest intent to help all of Humanity with the gift of Truth.








6 thoughts on “The Gift Of Truth”

  1. I only wish this wold become more clearer, and talked about more, probably never will on tel lies vision……the world needs to know to also understand, tis way of life, which is deceit, fraud, and leads to good ole money, Can we save our planet and the people, Can we all be equal, governments give money to starving kids and people cause they can..!!!!!! And who are they undressed they are like you and me…would love more information as I want to know more. God love our Children and grand children, and wats becoming of this beautiful Planet..


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